DIY Mandala Inspired Top

June 16, 2013
Cutout tops are huge this Summer so I thought I would incorporate mandalas into a cutout top!
What you need:
Plain T-shirt
1. You want to cut the T-shirt into a tank top. You can either free hand it like I did, or use another tank you have as a template.
2. Cut out a circle in the paper. You are going to use that to create a mandala, like you did when you were younger making snowflakes!
Fold the paper in half 3 times, then cut out random shapes to make a cool design.
3. Decide where you want your designs to go. I decided to put three down the back of my tank.
4. Now for the fun part, cut out each individual shape! This took me about 45 minutes.
5. Wash and dry the shirt to give it a more relaxed, rolled look. Ta da!
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