Products I’m Loving: May 2013

May 19, 2013

I have really been gravitating towards a few products and I wanted to share them and potentially make you fall in love with them too!
First is my all time favorite eye shadow palette and that is the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay. It’s the most I have spent personally on eyeshadow, but it was definitely worth it. The colors work extremely well together, and there are so many options so you can make a ton of looks. My personal favorites right now are Foxy (matte cream), Half Baked (golden shimmer), Bootycall (light cream shimmer), Suspect (light brown shimmer), and Blackout (matte black). I like the lighter colors because I am very fair skinned.
Maybelline’s the Rocket mascara is my absolute favorite mascara. It works very well and keeps its curl!
Lady Gaga Fame is my go to perfume. I can’t really describe the scent very well but it’s very unique and edgy to me! Plus it’s a black liquid, but sprays clear once it hits oxygen!
Orly Glowstick is my new obsession. it is a really bright highlighter yellow, and it looks good on any skin tone!
The 3 lip products I’m loving are Blistex Silk & Shine, and two Revlon Lip Butters in Cherry Tart + Wild Watermelon. I love Silk & Shine for everyday wear when I’m not dressed up, and when I’m feeling more dressy I reach for the colored balms.
And lastly I have been constantly using the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion, it works amazing and keeps my hands moisturized all day. I have a slight addiction to lotion.

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