DIY: Polka Dot Denim Vest

May 31, 2013

Spring is here and I wanted to share an easy way to transform your plain long sleeve denim button up into a fun vest for the warmed weather! Here is how I achieved this awesome vest!
What you need:
1. First off you need to cut off the sleeves! Super easy, I just cut along the arm sleeves!
Sleeves are gone!
Time to paint! I picked out three colors, light pink, melon, and a shimmery purple! You can really do whatever design you want from here. Go crazy and put dots all over! I wanted to create a gradient effect and have the dots cluster at the bottom then spread out closer to the pockets!
Once the front and back is done, let it dry and you’re done!

I would recommend washing it afterwards so the fabric paint isn’t as stiff when you first wear it!
Save these for another DIY project to come!
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  1. ashinu27 says:

    Your pretty talented! I noticed your about me says you want to be a buyer. Have you ever thought about working at Nordstrom or interning there and moving up in the company?

  2. I would love too! The closest one is a drive away though. I wish it was closer!

  3. ashinu27 says:

    Oh. I used to work for a few years for the company up until last September. They only promote from within and it usually doesnt take long and I thought that would be perfect for what you would like to do. Who knows you could be up to bigger and better in another year! Best wishes and please check out my fashion blog if you get at a chance, I would love your feedback.

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