One Line A Day

April 25, 2013
I am always a sap for keeping everything and scrapbooking until my fingers hurt. When I was making my weekly stop at Target, I walked in the office section and stumbled upon this cute little book. 
It’s a 5 year memory book, You write down a line or two about what you did in that day and keep doing that for 5 years. Yes it seems a bit grueling having to write in it everyday, but I think it would be adorable to see what you did a year ago and see if anything is similar.
I plan on trying to write in this everyday. I think if I left it by my bed and I write in it at night, it would fill up faster. Keepsakes like this are good for memories and a fun way to look back on your life!
I’ll update you girlies every couple months to show you my progress and see if I have been keeping up with it.

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