April 13, 2013
I think everyone has heard of LUSH, if you haven’t, you really should check it out. LUSH is this amazing store that sells everything from soap to shampoo to bath bombs. What I love about LUSH and why they are so unique is the fact that everything is handmade and contains all natural ingredients. Where I used to live there wasn’t a LUSH anywhere near me, besides shopping online. When I moved to Virginia I was introduced to the store in the mall and I fell in love! LUSH is quite possibly my favorite store to get that all natural and handmade hair and body products.
I decided to try out a few of their products because, well, I walked by and the aroma drew me in. The scent is so strong coming from the store I had to check everything out.
The four products I picked up:
Big Blue ($6.40)
This is the first bath bomb I have gotten. It contains all natural ingredients like seaweed, sea salt, lavender and lemon oil. All of these ingredients make your body feel clean, soft and hydrated. I cannot wait to use this!
Fair Trade Foot Lotion ($23.95)
One word to describe this foot lotion. Amazing. Enriched with spearmint and peppermint, this lotion is amazing to make your feet feel relaxed and refreshed. After a long day, rub this lotion on your feet and they will instantly feel revitalized. After walking around a museum and the mall, I rubbed this lotion into my feet and they felt so cool and refreshed after.
Big Conditioner ($12.64 for . 28 lbs)
Big conditioner comes in both a solid or liquid. you’re probably thinking, a SOLID conditioner?! It’s pretty easy to use, break off a piece and leave it in your shower, lather it in your hands and massage into your hair. The Big conditioner is perfect for dull, lifeless hair. It’s a great pick-me-up to make your hair shiny, big, and super soft.
Bohemian ($13.65 for . 39 lbs)
Bohemian is a solid hand and body soap that is enriched with lemon. This soap smells so amazing and makes your skin feel fresh and smell awesome. If you love the smell of fresh lemons you will love this soap.
I would love to know what LUSH products you recommend and what ones you have tried !

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