DIY: Sheer Section Top

April 22, 2013
Spring and Summer are just around the corner and that means less clothing and hotter weather. I personally don’t like to wear crop tops or super short anything, so I came up with a way to wear breathable clothing without sacrificing skin!
This sheer section top is super easy to make and absolutely adorable.
What you need:
A plain T-shirt
Sheer fabric or tights
Push pins
Measuring tape
Sewing machine or hand sew
1. First you want to measure the T-shirt where you plan to put the sheer section. The easiest way for me was to measure across the front with the shirt completely flat so it was accurate. Cut it where you want to put the sheer fabric.
2. Next fold the sheer fabric in half and measure out the length you need. Cut out at least an inch or two extra for some room when sewing. I cut out a 5 inch wide section to give some fabric for sewing.
3. Take the two sheer piece and sew the shorter ends together.
They should look like this.
4. Turn the top half of the shirt inside out and pin the right sides of the sheer section and the top together.
5. Sew the two fabrics together. Turn the shirt right side out. There should be no seam showing if you sewed it right.
6. Turn the shirt inside out again and do the same for the bottom half of the shirt.
7. Cut off the excess fabric after sewing each side and you’re done!
Let me know if you try this out! I thought a pair of tights would work good too so there was more stretch. I think if I do this again I will use tights!

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  1. Katie Daly says:

    I want to try this. Would be neat with lace or a designed fabric too!

  2. Yes! Lace would look adorable too!

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