App Loving: StyleBook

April 1, 2013
I wanted to share this amazing app I stumbled upon a while ago, It is by far one of the best purchases I have made. The name of the app is Stylebook, it is pretty much your closet on your phone. Not only does it store all of your clothing, it also lets you build and store outfit ideas, and also has a packing section to help with all of those packing situations.
Here is an inside look at some of the things the app has to offer.
This is the front page of the app, You have so much to work with. 
Closet – This is where you hold all of the clothing you have in your closet. From tops to dress to jewelry, you can photograph everything you own and build your own closet on your phone.
Looks – Once you have everything photographed and uploaded, you can build looks and outfits. This is good for packing and also for future outfit ideas.
Inspiration – This is the section in the app to obviously get inspiration. The app already has pre-uploaded outfit ideas and clothing pieces.
Calendar – This section is to log when you wore your outfits, I personally don’t use this much, but it is nice to have.
Packing – Exactly what it is named, the packing section is used for packing for any trip you might be taking, big or small! This is definitely useful so you know exactly how many pieces of clothing you are taking and how many looks you have to choose from!
Style Stats – This section holds information like you sizes, clothing stats, and look stats. The clothing stats part keeps track of the total items you have and how much you have invested in your closet. When I saw the amount of money I have spent on clothing it was insane! It also shows your 10 least and most worn clothing. Look stats is similar to the clothing stats section, just with the looks.
Shop – This is the place to shop all of your favorite brands, new and old clothing, and also a lot of inspiration ideas!
Style Expert – This is a place to get advice from style experts and the co-founders of Stylebook.
Wifi Accept – This is the section on the app to share clothing and inspiration with your friends that have the Stylebook app.
Here is an example of how the app works!
First you import your photo of the clothing. Make sure to take a photo with the clothing on a contrasting background color, so it is easier to remove the background.

Once the background is removed you can save it to your closet.

Add your piece of clothing to the right category.

Once you have added a few pieces, you will start to grow your closet!
I would definitely recommend this app for any one that loves fashion as much as I do, or someone that has trouble or anxiety packing for a trip. It really helps out with a ton of dilemmas with clothing. Another plus to Stylebook is that when you are out shopping you know what you need and what items you already have.

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