Nail Talk: Milani Texture Matte Finish Nail Polish - Limited Edition

March 8, 2013

I never really was a huge fan of the whole crackle nail polish stage, but when I found these nail polishes I instantly needed them!

Milani LIMITED EDITION Texture Matte Finish Creme Lacquer!

What drew me to these were of course the texture finish, and the colors are amazing!
I only picked up four of the six so I could try them out and see if I liked them, and I do, so I think I will be picking up the last two!

There are 6 colors in this collection:

901- Tainted in Red
902- Spoiled in Fuchsia
903- Aqua Splash
904- Yellow Mark
905- Purple Streak
906- Shady Gray

My favorites so far are Tainted in Red (pictured) and Spoiled in Fuchsia. I seem to always be drawn to pinks and reds just because they are very classic and feminine. 

I am a huge perfectionist with my nails and this polish is very forgiving. If you mess up, the finish makes it easy to touch it up. Not to mention it doesn't need a top coat, so two coats and you have yourself an easy at home manicure.

When you are first applying this polish it just looks like a normal nail polish, once you have applied it and it starts to dry, you start to see the textured look.

I would recommend two coats, but make sure to not layer it on too thick because then the texture will not be noticeable.

I purchased mine at Walgreens for $3.99.

Thanks for reading!

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