Renovation: Jewelry Board

March 10, 2013

I literally have gone through so many different ways to organize my jewelry, and I have never been pleased with what I had, not to mention moving two times in the last year didn’t help! I decided I would take time and figure out what I wanted to do with my jewelry and find a way to display my pretties.

I have had this old bulletin board lying around and never really had a use for it, so I thought I would spruce it up and use it for a jewelry board!

A little secret that you will eventually learn about me (or you may already know) I am overly OBSESSED with the color mint. I have everything in that color so why not paint my jewelry board mint too! 🙂

It really is very simple and a quick fix to a dingy bulletin board. I added an espresso brown to the border. I painted it, then took a wet paper towel and lightly ran it on the wet paint to give it more of a gradient, wood look. I really love how it turned out! 

Now I have an excuse to buy more jewelry just to fill it up ! 🙂
Hopefully this gives you an idea for showing off your jewelry.

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