DIY: Peter Pan Collar

March 21, 2013

I know I’m a little behind on this whole trend, but I wanted to make my very own Peter Pan collar.

I really love how these look and they can really dress up a plain t-shirt. Here is how I made my Peter Pan collar!

What you need:
1 collar piece made from white felt or white pleather
A single hole punch or leather rotary punch
Hot glue gun

1. Using a template, cut out the collar piece. If you are using the template I made, line up the straight edge with the folded fabric.

2. Unfold the fabric. It should look like this.

3. Place the studs in the design you want.
4. Mark where you want the studs and pearls to go with a pen.

5. Hot glue the studs and pearls onto the fabric.
6. Use the leather rotary punch and punch holes for the ribbons.
7. Pull the ribbon through the hole and hot glue the ends together.
And there you have it!


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  1. m+o says:

    Looks lovely! LOVE Peter Pan collars!!! <3 Mika

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