DIY Wooden Rack

April 22, 2015

What you need:
(3) 6' long 1"3/8 dowels
(6) 1/2" dowels 
Wood screws
Measuring tape

1. On the 6 ft dowels, mark where the holes will be drilled. 
The top hole I marked off 4 inches from the top, then every hole after that 12 inches.

2. Drill 1/2 inch holes on the markings.

3. For the 1/2 inch dowels I cut two 36 inches long and the other four 38 inches long. The shorter dowels will be used to connect the whole thing together, and the longer dowels will be used as the other sections below. If you plan to secure them all so you can't move them you can cut them all 36 inches.

4. Space out the 6 ft dowels and insert the shorter 1/2 inch dowels in the top drilled hole. Secure them with screws. Insert the other dowels in random spots you choose. I cut them two inches longer so they don't fall out of the drilled holes, and I didn't secure them because I want to be able to move them when I want. If you're never going to change it you can secure them with screws as well.


Thanks so much for reading!

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Rompers Are The New Black

April 20, 2015

I've been loving rompers lately, who doesn't love the ease of picking out one thing to wear and being set for the day. This romper is an old favorite and it will be in my closet for a few more years. Finding a good romper is tough for a tall girl, but I recommend trying one on if you haven't. They're almost like a hidden treasure if you've never worn one. I dusted these beautiful shoes off for the first time since I purchased them last year and I realized I never took any photos wearing them. I know, shocking to me too. I do love a good statement shoe or even something that is out of the ordinary and these fit the bill. I've noticed myself revisiting old favorites in my closet because I've been in a shopping rut. I'll walk around a store and pick up a few things and then talk myself out of them, but now I'm getting back into a groove of buying what I want rather than what everyone else is wearing.

Speaking of shopping, I braved the Lilly For Target sale on Sunday, and boy was I expecting something else. There are a few Target stores in my area so there wasn't a ton of people, but some ladies got crazy and ran to the racks. I luckily got out with a dress, some pants and a few accessories. I definitely did not expect to walk into a Black Friday in the middle of April.
past Loft romper {similar here & here}
JCP button up
Steve Madden sandals {similar here & here}
DIY necklace (coming soon)
Kohl's purse

DIY Pineapple Print Tee

April 14, 2015

Yay for fruit! I sure can eat some pineapple, so of course I would love a pineapple print tee. I've spotted some great clothing with fun fruit all over it in stores and I wanted to make my own. Beware white clothing, you will be covered in some sort of fruit soon! It's a simple DIY and I even made a printable to make it easier to get the pineapple shape!

What you need:
Foam sheets
Plain tee
Fabric paint 
{you can always use acrylic paint and mix it with a fabric medium like I did}

1. Draw out the pineapple shapes needed or use this and trace them on the foam sheets. Cut them out, and remember no pineapple is perfect so a little imperfection is good!

2. Apply a thin layer of paint to the foam stamps and begin to layer them. The order I went in was green top, yellow body and then the black outline. Allow the paint to dry in between applications.

Have fun! Finish the front and back, let it dry and volia!

Of course an impromptu photo shoot with a pineapple was completely necessary.

Thanks so much for reading and happy crafting!