Layer Up

Fall is my favorite guys. I don't know how many times I'm going to say that until winter, but I feel like I've said it too many times. The flannels come out and I get excited to watch the leaves fall. I believe fall is the best time to show off your style, you can layer and wear anything because the weather is the best.

 I've had this jacket for a few seasons now, but every year they seem to come out with something exactly like it. It definitely has been a worthy investment. I probably will be wearing it all of fall whenever I can. Let's not forget to mention these amazing shoes, found these beauties at TJ Maxx.


Forever 21 jacket {old}
AE distressed jeans
Michael Kors sneakers

DIY: Metallic Shoulder Flannel

A fashion DIY for you! Fall means flannel and I wanted to do something fun to mine to add some sass. Let's not even talk about how hard it was for me to find the perfect flannel. I wanted to make sure it felt right, you know? Maybe it's just me! I've seen something similar to this with sequin, but I felt that wasn't really for me, so I came up with a DIY to make this beauty!

What you need: 
Flannel button up
1/2 yard lame fabric
Sewing machine or needle and thread

To get the shape of the shoulder yoke, I pinned a piece of tissue to the flannel to trace out the shape.

Once I had the shape, I pinned the tissue to the lame.

Cut about 1/2 an inch away from the tissue. This will give you enough space to iron and hem the raw edges.

Pin & iron the lame. Once I ironed the fabric I took the pins out. This fabric is incredibly thin so make sure not to iron on a high setting.

Pin the lame to the shoulder. Sew to the flannel.

And you're finished! It's a simple update to a fall tradition and definitely an eye-catcher.

Thanks so much for reading!

Mustard Must

A year ago you wouldn't see me in yellow, mainly because I had really really red hair, but also because I always felt it washed me out. I try to wear every color possible since I started up my blog and it's vastly opened my prospective to styling. Even though my closet still mainly consists of blues, purples and greens, I've pushed myself to gravitate to warmer colors.

I've been slaving away in my craft room with a few DIY's that will be coming up soon. I'm pretty excited about them and I'm sure you all will love them.


H&M sweater
Forever 21 necklaces