Denim Vest

Sitting at home wishing I could be at NYFW, but my dreams will happen eventually! I noticed I have been trying out some new ideas with my photos and not being so straight on and boring all the time. I definitely feel I am growing as a blogger and I couldn't be more excited! Any-who! I have been allergic to denim vests and jackets for as long as I can remember, but I have been trying to expand my style mind and I sure am loving it! I got this beauty and now I feel I should wear it everyday.

Let me take a second to talk about my lovely hair. I have been on a crazy phase of wanting to go back to my natural color, which is a light ashy brown. As you can tell I'm making some headway! I just cannot wait to loose those strawberry blonde locks!


Past Target stripe dress | love
Old Navy earrings

xx M

Boyfriend Jeans

I'm ready of some fall weather and some fall clothing. It definitely is my favorite season of them all. And shockingly I actually purchased some boyfriend jeans finally. I always contemplated purchasing some but never pulled the trigger. I recently have been selling a portion of my closet on the app called Vinted and that is where I snagged these. I think I'm addicted to negotiating and selling clothes! I've noticed a lot of my closet is unworn, so selling some gently used clothing to make room for new beauties is perfect for me. I also have been on a crazy run of making totes and purses. They are starting to take over my craft room! I currently sell them on Etsy and I will be adding many more soon!

top -  Nicole by Nicole Miller via// JCP
basic tank - Target
jeans - thrifted on Vinted
sandals - Target {old}
necklace - Papers & Peonies
bracelets - J.Crew, Forever 21
earrings - Old Navy
watch - Michael Kors
bag - DIY {more available on Kenzie Ann}

Thanks so much for reading!

xx M

Medallion Cardi

Now this is a long cardigan. This is the first I've purchased and they definitely are growing on me. The one downside is not being able to move much when you sit down on it. Other than that it's a fabulous piece to finish off an outfit. I feel I've been branching out with a lot of different things lately, and not only fashion. I even decided to start up my Etsy shop again and I'm pretty excited about that! It really is a passion of mine to create things and I love sharing them with everyone else!

Also I apologize about being M.I.A. for a while. My husband had gotten back from being gone for two months and we took a fun road trip to Niagara Falls! It's tough getting back into a good schedule but I'm finally getting there!

top - JC Penney // jeans - Zara // cardigan - TJ Maxx // shoes - Steve Madden // purse - Michael Kors // 
watch - Michael Kors // jewelry - Kenzie Ann, Lokai

Thanks so much for reading!

xx M