Casual Denim Days

January 26, 2015

The denim on denim look is still fairly new to me, but as I get older I've been branching out more and more in my fashion sense. I even have been warming up to the idea of wearing all of one color at once {I know, living on the edge}. I do really like infusing new ideas into my wardrobe, but I will forever love my roots of crazy patterns and color.

January is the starting point of trying new things, both with my blog and also with my lifestyle. I've already been branching out with the food I eat, or maybe I'm just not so against anything other than Chipotle or Panera. Next I'm trying out some new post ideas on the blog and I cannot wait to share them with you all.
J Crew Factory top {on sale!}
Loft jeans {similar & loving these}
past Michael Kors sneaks {similar}
Loft sunnies

Cheers to Friday!

Striped Vest

January 21, 2015

Virginia has a way different of having weather, it was 61 degrees the other day and I definitely cannot complain. One of the colder days was perfect for this puffer vest. It's one of my favorite fall pieces, when I can throw it on I do. It reminds me of a baseball uniform with great gold finishes. Let's not forget to talk about my lovely Barbie pink lips, I rarely wear lipstick but this color sure does stand out.

Michael got me the best Christmas gift, a 50mm lens for my camera! Let's just say I can't stop taking the most ridiculous photos. No one is safe! I definitely love the change in how my photos look. I'm slowly teaching myself new tricks and learning about my camera.

Side note to my obsession with TV: I just got through all 6 seasons of Parks & Recreation and I'm obsessed with everything to do with Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt. I always get super attached to a show and then it ends, except for Pretty Little Liars, it will never end. I'm now watching the 7th and final season and of course I love it.

J. Crew puffer vest {loving this}
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Happy Wednesday!

DIY Beaded Box Chain Necklace

January 16, 2015

Silver and turquoise has to be one of my favorite color combinations. I tend to gravitate towards these colors when picking jewelry, so naturally when I have silver box chain I use turquoise beads! I picked up some box chain while out and about a while back and just got around to making something with it. I really love the look of this necklace, it's definitely different in comparison to my other projects. Grab your supplies and make this beauty!

What you need:
Box chain
2 colors of beads
Jewelry wire
Jump rings
Lobster clasp and chain
Jewelry pliers

1. Cut the jewelry wire into pieces long enough to hold both beads and go through the box chain.

2. Thread one of the beads onto the wire and curl the end to hold the bead on.

3. Put the wire though the box chain, thread the second bead and cut the excess wire off. Curl the other end of the wire to finish the other end.

4. Continue down the box chain until you're done. I went every other opening with the beads so it would fall well when worn. Attach lobster clasp and chain to finish off the necklace.

Boom, you're done!

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Happy crafting!