DIY Macrame + Copper Wall Hanging

May 18, 2015

My walls are starting to get pretty full with all of the projects I've been doing. So of course I have yet another one for you! I love the look of the macrame wall hangings so I decided to make my own! And of course copper plays a small role in this DIY, it was inevitable. 

What you need:
Natural cord {preferably cotton because it's easier to dye}
12" Copper pipe
Dye in any color
Pipe cutter

1. Cut 30 pieces of 70" cord.

2. Attach cord to copper pipe.

3. Separate the strands into groups of 5.

4. First part is like making a bunch of friendship bracelets. Take the left strand and create a "4" over the strand next to it. Wrap the left strand under the right and pull through to tighten. Do the same wrap around each strand twice. You will wrap from the left to right over 4 strands, then start on the right and wrap towards the left. When you wrap on the right you do everything the same only with a backwards "4". When you get to the center you can wrap either left or right.

5. Repeat the same wrapping to create 3 rows.

6. Now for the macrame! Separate the strands so the far left and right 5 strands aren't used.

7. Separate the strands into 3 groups, 3 - 4 - 3. Take the left 3 and wrap over the middle and through the opening between the middle and right. The right 3 wrap under the middle and over the left.

Do the exact same steps only the left goes under and the right goes over. Tighten and move to the next section. You can do the same exact wrap for each section or switch it up and do every other one different, left on top first or right on top first.

8. Once you finish the first row, add the furthest strands you left out into the mix and create a few more rows. Go crazy and make it as long as you want! I finished off mine with extra copper pieces, knots and braids.

9. Follow the dye instructions and create an ombre dye. I used RIT dye and dipped the cord in orange and then the pink. Let it dry overnight, then clean up the ends by snipping off the uneven strands.

10. Run cord through the copper pipe and hang anywhere!

I definitely plan on making a bunch of these, probably one I can use as a faux headboard because I don't have one.

Thanks so much for reading!

I'm currently traveling so don't be surprised if my posts are random!

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Wrapped Button Up

May 11, 2015

Button downs didn't appear in my closet until these last few months. I never had a real place to wear one so I shied away from purchasing them. Flannels were my gateway button down and it's been a love affair ever since. I found an amazing way to wear it differently while searching through Pinterest. You wrap one side over the other and tuck. I definitely recommend safety pinning it together or even buttoning one of the buttons to stay in place. I will admit it took a while to get used to, but I do like trying new things with my wardrobe.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday! My Mother's Day was spent walking around town and shopping of course since my mother came in town! My mom was kind enough to get behind the camera for me and she did pretty good!
past Target shorts
Forever 21 necklace

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Sweet Summertime Sandals

May 9, 2015

Happy Saturday!

As if it's a secret, I love a good sandal. And not a boring ol' pair, I like my shoes to have a little spunk to them. I will admit I own one pair of flip flops, but those only see the beach. I practically live in gladiator sandals when the weather is nicer so I picked out a few of my favorites. As always they are wallet friendly, so you won't feel remorse swooning over them like I do.
The picture is interactive so just hover over your fave and click away!
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