Pinterest Lately

July 1, 2015

Ever wonder what I do while sitting around for an hour before bed? Pin until my heart is content. I love visual inspiration for every aspect of my life, especially style and home decor. I remember someone recommending I get a Pinterest and my first thought was "why would I want another social media account on top of the rest I have?" Now it's an addiction I cannot control.

I've been really drawn to a few trends and styles like white clothing, basic pieces, and anything with hats. I just spotted this hat and I plan on getting it ASAP. I definitely see a closet makeover soon, or at least implementing some new pieces to spice up my wardrobe. If you pin as much as I do you can follow me HERE.

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Go Indi-Go

June 29, 2015

Summer to me is about fun and versatility with clothing. It gets pretty warm obviously so the least amount of pieces the better. Opting for a dress and some fun shoes is a win for me, and also being on trend with the indigo craze makes it a win-win. I paired the dress with a denim jacket for those chillier nights, or when we opt for dinner and a movie on date night. I wouldn't recommend wearing it out and about, but of course I had to wear it for outfit photo purposes.

I've been spending most of my days window shopping the malls, with quite a bit of time in H&M. I shop there a lot so whenever they have discounts or big sales I jump on the ball. Right now they have a huge sale going on and if you bring in a bag of old clothing you can get 15% off your whole purchase, including sale items! I already brought in 3 bags and I'll probably bring in more. It's a total win for me!

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past Old Navy dress {loving this & this
Simply Vera sandals {similar here, here & here}

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Loving Lately // Succulents

June 25, 2015

As part of trying to include more things on my blog, I decided to start posting things that are inspiring me or I'm really loving at the moment. This can be anything from household things, to styles, to people!  I definitely feel like my blog is my way of inspiring or showing others things that are new and exciting, so I'm pretty excited about this little addition.

I don't know if it's all the flowers and plants I see on Instagram, but I've been attempting to turn my black thumb a different shade, possibly gray {totally kidding, that was a 50 Shades joke}. Even when I got flowers as a gift they die within the next couple days. So instead of flowers I fell in love with succulents. Yes they are still plants, but you only have to water them once a week or so and they thrive on their own! I just recently discovered propagation and my collection is growing!

I'm sure when we move or get a home of our own I'll have a giant collection of them. I just love the colors and how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at.

Photos // Pinterest

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