Off Kilter

June 21, 2017

Taking a trip to the small town my dad lives in makes for a fun photo shoot. I always love the little towns on the outskirts of Omaha and Council Bluffs. The buildings are always full of character and life.

I discovered this skirt in H&M and I couldn't live without it. I sometimes have a hard time with it because it's suppose to be off kilter and I love to hate it. It's definitely a good staple because I can wear it with anything.

The next month is going to be budgeting month. I'm going to attempt to budget my lifestyle to see if I can do it and also save some money while I'm ahead. I told myself no shopping, so lets see if I can stick to my guns.

Top | Skirt | Flats | Lip (in Salt Lyfe)

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Good Genes From Mom

June 16, 2017

A little inside secret, I spilled ice cream all over myself 10 minutes before these photos were taken. And yes I got the "seriously" look from Troy. Oh well, I will forever be a clumsy ice cream addict. You also can't say no to Coneflower. 

These jeans were a great find. They fit perfectly and hit on my ankle just right. Check that off my list of items to find. I really don't have things to technically "find", but I'm constantly shopping and evolving my closet as I evolve and I needed these in my life.

I'm going to spend this weekend organizing and relaxing. It's been a long week.

Happy Friday.

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Lace Peek

June 13, 2017

This green number has been on a hanger in my closet for about three months now. I bought it from Zara because A. it was green and B. it was a jumpsuit. Two things I gravitate towards. I just never had the urge to wear it. I always felt like it was missing something, and it was a touch of lace. 

I love the sex appeal lace adds to any outfit, whether it be a little or a lot. You can spice up any outfit with it. A sweater in the winter with a lace bralette under it is a perfect example. Or any simple tank you have in your closet.

Sometimes the simplest touch is all your outfit needs.

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